Domestic Sales Tax.

Some states may be charged sales tax rates vary depending on location. If you are in a state where we charge sales tax, it will be indicated in your cart as well as in the checkout page.

To get sales tax exemption, submit a certificate for a valid tax-exempt or resale status.

  • Make an account on
  • Send email to [email protected] with the email address you used along with a PDF copy of your most recent Tax Exempt Certificate, with our information included in the Seller Fields. Please make sure it's a clear copy that shows the institution's name and the tax exemption ID or FEIN.
  • After entering in the data, your orders will be tax-exempt.

If an order is placed on an account that has not gone through our tax-exempt process sales tax will be charged to the order if such taxes are required.

International sales.

No taxes are applied for orders shipped outside of the USA but you may have duties, taxes, and/or customs fees charged upon delivery. These fees vary from country to country. You are responsible for paying these fees. We don't respond and don't pay your taxes and fees. If you refuse to pay them upon delivery, your package will be returned to us. Upon receipt, we will refund your product (minus shipping fees for both ways).

For more information, we strongly advise you to check with the Customs department in your country about its import policies.